Goddess Temple of Puna

E Komo Mai ~ We invite you to visit Puna, land of Hawaii's Living Primordial Fire Goddess Pelehonuamea "PELE", also known as the land of Ha`eha`e, the Eastern Gate of Hawaii Nei, where the land is constantly being consumed and re-birthed.

We welcome you, a rainbow representation of our beauty-full world. We live to gather, to connect and expand the Divine Feminine rising within each of us. We are Holding Ceremonies, Celebrating Womb-in, Living, Learning, Singing, Laughing, Sharing, Caring and more. All walks of life are welcome at this non-religious spiritual center located on a sacred 89 acre private rainforest property near Pahoa, HI. No alcohol, drugs, firearms or dogs are allowed on the property.

Goddess Temple of Puna is lovingly supported by:

Big Island Goddess Gathering*

Lemuria Goddess Temple*

Goddess Temple of Ashland*

Puamana Community*

Feel free to contact the Goddess Temple of Puna if you wish to:

To learn more about the GODDESS TEMPLE OF PUNA call Puamana Community at (808) 965-0537 ALOHA!